Big Secret in a Town Called Little Rock

Things that I love doing when traveling is finding the most unique place to visit. You know the museums and sites that are off the beaten track. While I was visiting my sister for the month of June in Little Rock, Arkansas I discovered the Esse Purse Museum. I mean how amazing is it that I find something fashionable related in the middle of the country! 

Founded by Anita Davis in 2013, the museum showcases all of her hand bags that she collected living here in the US - she is basically the Imelda De Marcos of handbags. The museum is set up with cases by decade, going from 1900-1999. Not only were there bags in the cases but examples of what was kept inside them. A 1920's woman didn't have a cell phone, charger, a kindle, wallet, personal products, a janitors key chain of keys and what ever else our bags are carrying these days. And a lady of the 1910's didn't carry a wallet because when a woman shopped it was done on a tab she kept with the shopkeeper she also didn't carry house keys because there was always a house person at home and or doors weren't locked. It really wasn't until the 1930s that women started carrying more structured purses that carried more significant things than a dance card and a lacy handkerchief. 

Since I myself am managing to build up a nice collection of bags from past decades I truly appreciate what Anita has done at the museum. Each purse has its on personality that really attests itself in its design, weight, and method of holding. I mean you really wouldn't throw around a dainty crystal encrusted bag carelessly, that kind of bag is meant to be carried with care and delicacy. I myself love handle bags, I tend to carry them with swag - if you know what I mean. 

 Because I wanted you to appreciate the purses in the museum I didn't want to inundate you with the other things I saw there. That will becoming in the next post, so stay tuned! 


Cherry Tree Lane...


Guess who's back!!! Yeah I know its been some time but Im going slowly introduce myself back to the blogging world. But I decided to take a very different approach, because I feel that what I was doing before wasn't very productive.  Nor was it worthy of me and if I do this more organically I think I would be more productive. Lets see how this goes, bare with me now. 


Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

A few months ago I decided to take a break from blogging mostly because I was overwhelmed. I felt that I couldn't keep up with what I wanted to give my readers. And if I couldn't give what I wanted I made the decision to stop doing anything at all. That being said, I still have nothing. I am lost, without a compass, I don't know which way to go, I don't know what is up or what is down. Is this a thing that writers or artists go through? Maybe I have vertigo or maybe my inner compass is broken.

But I believe I may have a lead to what happened.

Many of you my readers may not know what other bloggers are out there, or how much they are doing with their life. But in the blogging world especially in the fashion blogging world, we as bloggers know who has made it and who is making it. For a non-blogger its easy for you to miss the standards that are faced by bloggers everyday. The hope to make it as a brand representative, or a chance to run your own magazine column and maybe even a designers muse. I ask myself what does this have to do with me, especially since I never wanted fame, fortune or notoriety from blogging.... everything and nothing at the same time. Why you say? I am still trying to find out the answer myself, so when I get it, you will be the first to know.

In the end I am still lost. I still have nothing for you. I wish I could still just give you outfit posts, but those are fillers and not how I dreamt of how I ever wanted my blog to be. But I assure you, I haven't forgotten you and I will be back.

YOU my readers are what keep me going.

Thank you.