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Guess who's back!!! Yeah I know its been some time but Im going slowly introduce myself back to the blogging world. But I decided to take a very different approach, because I feel that what I was doing before wasn't very productive.  Nor was it worthy of me and if I do this more organically I think I would be more productive. Lets see how this goes, bare with me now. 

So back in late April while I was in the woes of being jobless ( I still am now, but more on that on another post.) I needed things to do and I figured I that I wanted to do things that I never did before because of work priorities and such. For example this year I finally got to see the Cherry Blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens here in NYC. Now Ive seen cherry blossoms before in gardens such as the Sarah P. Duke gardens at Duke University in North Carolina. But going to see them at the BBG is a necessary trek as a NYer and so worthy of the trip. 

The gardens were gorgeous as usual and the early spring day was perfect for the visit. I went with my bff and travel companion Karen and we got to see the blossoms at peak bloom the weekend before the festival they throw to celebrate the blooms. Not only did the gardens throw off the many shades of pinks but the Jasmines were also blooming and smelled wonderful as well. 

As far what we wore was concerned Karen and I chose our Modcloth dresses, hers the "Start Spreading the Mews" dress and mine was the "Record Time" dress in navy. I also finally got to wear the cardigan my mom updated for me with embroidered blue swallow birds on each shoulder. I pulled the whole look together with polka-dot tights, navy and white Mary-Janes and a vintage look make-up and hair styling. 

For future outfit post, I will try not to bore you with details unless it was for a specific event or a special outing like this one. Thanks for stopping by! 


What I wore:

Dress - Modcloth

Shoes - Areosoles via TJ Maxx

Yellow Cardigan - Mango old 
updated with embroidered swallow birds by my mother

Sunglasses and belt - H&M

What Karen wore:

Dress - Modcloth

Sneakers - converse


  1. Welcome back to blogging. Glad you were able to go to the cherry blossom garden.



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